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Press release
Re-Introducing premium plans on Tap for EU/EEA Territories

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We are pleased to announce the reintroduction of our locking feature for users in the EU/EEA territories. By locking XTP and advancing to higher tiers, users can now access a diverse range of benefits. This upgrade reaffirms our commitment to delivering meaningful enhancements to our users, optimising their experience within the Tap ecosystem

About XTP Locking

XTP locking is an innovative feature within the Tap app ecosystem, crafted for our savvy users seeking premium perks. By locking XTP tokens, users can unlock increased limits on their Tap Prepaid Mastercard and take advantage of reduced crypto exchange fees and FX fees. Upgrading is a straightforward process: simply choose the plan that suits you, upgrade to Black or Titanium levels, and enjoy enhanced perks for a secure 12-month period while your tokens remain safely locked.

The benefits of XTP locking  include increased spending limits on the Tap Prepaid Mastercard, reduced transaction fees, and access to exclusive perks that making the Tap experience even more rewarding.

✨ The perks of our premium plans

  • Boost spending limits on the Tap card
  • Enjoy reduced crypto exchange fees
  • Experience lower FX fees
  • Access special rewards and promotions

📈 Discounted Trading fees using XTP

In addition to the exciting relaunch of XTP staking, we are reintroducing a key utility of the XTP token - the ability to pay trading fees within the Tap App. This means that users in the EU/EEA region can now resume paying with XTP, to cover their trading fees, availing themselves of an enticing 25% discount in addition to the benefits included in their current plan.

  • Utilize XTP for trading fees
  • Enjoy a 25% discount
  • Maximize your savings while trading on the Tap platform

This enhancement not only  provides added utility to the XTP token but also enables users to save significantly on their trading activities, creating a more cost-effective and rewarding experience.

🙌 Embrace the XTP Revolution!
Experience the latest upgrade for EU/EEA territories: Tap locking is back. Whether you're a seasoned trader looking to optimize your experience or a newcomer eager to explore the benefits of locking, you can now access exclusive perks and save on trading fees.

Step into the future of finance with the Tap App, where locking means savings and open the doors to valuable rewards.

Personal Growth
From counting sheep to counting cash what your money dreams really mean

Have you ever wondered why dreams about money are so persistent, or why they often leave you feeling intrigued and curious? We delve into the fascinating world of dreams and money.

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What if we told you that your money dreams could be giving you secret insights into your waking life? Dreams have always been a fascinating subject, with their mysterious symbolism and hidden meanings. And when it comes to dreams about money, they can hold even deeper significance. 

Have you ever wondered why those dreams about money are so persistent, or why they often leave you feeling intrigued and curious? In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of dreams and money, exploring various interpretations and psychological theories with some tips on how to better remember your dreams going forward. So, get ready to unlock the secrets of your mind and get a better grasp of what dreaming about money really means.

Common types of money dreams

Dreams about money come in various forms, each carrying its own unique symbolism and messages. While these interpretations are general guidelines, exploring the symbolism and analyzing the emotions and events surrounding your money dreams can provide deeper insights. Of course, every human brain is different so take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Below we take a closer look at some common types of money dreams and their possible interpretations.

Seeing or winning money

When you see or win money in your dream, it is a promising sign that success and prosperity are within your grasp. Money often symbolizes confidence, self-worth, success, and values. This dream suggests that you have a strong belief in yourself and your abilities. Additionally, dreaming about money can also reflect your attitudes towards love and matters of the heart. 

Losing money

When you dream of losing money, it can indicate a temporary loss of ambition, power, and self-esteem. It may reflect a period of unhappiness and setbacks in your waking life. This dream could also be a reflection of feeling vulnerable, weak, and out of control in your everyday experiences.

Stealing money

If you dream of stealing money, it serves as a warning that you may be in a risky situation and need to exercise caution. However, there is a silver lining to this dream: it suggests that you are finally taking action towards pursuing your desires and ambitions. 

On a different note, stealing money in dreams can also reflect a sense of lacking love and a deep yearning to be accepted.

Giving away or spending money 

When you give or spend money in your dream, it symbolizes an act of giving love. It signifies your desire to find and express love in your waking life. On the other hand, if you see others giving money away in your dream, it may indicate feelings of being ignored, overlooked, or neglected. You might be yearning for more attention and affection from someone who seems to be not giving you enough of it. Conversely, hogging or hoarding money in your dream denotes insecurity or selfishness.

Counting money

Dreaming of counting money often symbolizes your ability to assess and evaluate your financial situation. It may indicate your focus on financial goals, budgeting, or the need to prioritize your spending. This dream could also reflect a desire for financial security or a need to take control of your finances.

Having no money

When you dream of having no money, it signifies a fear of losing your position or status in the world. It may reflect a sense of insecurity about your abilities to accomplish a desired goal. Conversely, if you dream of borrowing money, it suggests that you might be stretching yourself too thin and overextending your resources. This dream serves as a reminder to be mindful of your limitations and not to overload yourself with obligations.

Armed with these insights, you can better understand what your subconscious might be trying to communicate to you through your dreams about money.

Psychological interpretations of dreams

Deciphering dreams is a fascinating blend of art and science, as they are ephemeral, abstract, and often just plain peculiar. When attempting to interpret dreams, there are several different approaches.

Psychological interpretations offer insightful perspectives on the symbolism of money in dreams. From a Freudian standpoint, money represents power and desires, reflecting our subconscious yearnings for control and fulfilment. In the Jungian view, money symbolizes personal value and self-worth, emphasizing the importance we place on our own abilities and achievements. 

Modern psychological views highlight how dreams about money can relate to stress, financial insecurity, and the wish for a more prosperous life. By examining these interpretations, we can gain a deeper understanding of the psychological complexities behind our dreams of money.

Tips of how to better interpret your money dreams

Understanding the meaning behind your money dreams can offer valuable insights into your subconscious thoughts and emotions. To effectively interpret these dreams, start by improving your dream recall by writing your dreams down immediately after waking. This practice helps you remember details and patterns. When interpreting, consider the dream's context, pay attention to the energy and emotions it evokes, and relate it to your current life circumstances. 

However, if you find yourself struggling to make sense of your dreams or feeling overwhelmed by their significance, seeking professional guidance from a therapist or dream analyst can provide deeper clarity and understanding.


As you reflect on your own money dreams, remember to consider the context, emotions, and current life situations that may influence their meaning. Dreams hold a wealth of symbolism and insights into our innermost desires, fears, and aspirations. By paying attention to these dreams, we can uncover hidden truths and embark on a journey of personal growth. 

As Sigmond Freud once said, "Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious'." Embrace the power of your dreams and discover the wisdom they hold.


Press release
Tap temporarily suspends XTP locking/fees in compliance with FCA regulatory requirement

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Tap, announces a temporary suspension of XTP locking/fees payment for all its users, reflecting a steadfast commitment to regulatory compliance and global collaboration.

In alignment with our regulatory-first vision, Tap announce the temporarily suspending XTP locking and fee payment in XTP. This strategic move reflects our dedication to regulatory compliance in every aspect of our operations.

At Tap, we prioritize responsibility alongside innovation. This temporary suspension underscores our commitment to regulatory compliance and our ability to effectively serve all our users in the United Kingdom, aligning with the new FCA regulations set in place.

In accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) financial promotion rule, we regret to inform our UK residents that the utilization of XTP for locking or payment is temporarily suspended. The FCA has classified the use of digital assets for obtaining discounts as a financial incentive, thus preventing its extension to any UK resident.

The temporary suspension of services in the UK has necessitated a pause in functionality across our entire platform due to its unified nature. Nevertheless, our team remains unwavering in our commitment to restoring Locking/Paying Fees in XTP for our global community. 

While this transition may present temporary challenges, it also represents an opportunity for growth and collective progress.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our users for their unwavering support and patience as we navigate through this transition. Rest assured, Tap remains steadfastly committed to delivering an unparalleled digital asset experience that is compliant, secure, seamless, and transformative for users worldwide.

Overspent this festive season? 5 tips to bounce back quickly

Feeling the post-festive season financial pinch? Discover 5 useful bounce-back tips.

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Alors, vous avez passé un joyeux Noël et peut-être, juste peut-être, vous avez un peu exagéré avec les dépenses. Eh bien, cela arrive aux meilleurs d'entre nous et vous n'êtes certainement pas le seul à entamer janvier avec un déficit en conséquence. Sans être trop dur envers vous-même, réorientons-nous et mettons en œuvre ces 5 conseils pour revenir sur la bonne voie et rebondir rapidement. Avant de commencer, il est préférable d'avoir une idée réaliste de votre situation financière. Vous ne pourrez pas résoudre la situation si vous n'en êtes pas conscient. Assurez-vous de consulter toutes vos cartes de crédit et comptes afin que nous puissions affronter la réalité ensemble.

Évaluez les dégâts

Si vous avez puisé dans vos économies ou utilisé vos cartes de crédit pour pimenter vos projets de décembre, notez clairement le montant que vous devez et prenez note des remboursements d'intérêts correspondants. Il existe de nombreuses façons de s'attaquer à la dette, il est donc important de trouver une stratégie qui convienne le mieux à votre situation financière. Si vous ne savez pas par où commencer, voici deux options adaptées aux débutants : la méthode de la "Dette Avalanche" et la méthode de la "Dette Boule de Neige".

Dette avalanche : commencez par rembourser d'abord les dettes à taux d'intérêt élevé pour économiser des intérêts à long terme tout en effectuant toujours les paiements minimums sur les dettes à taux d'intérêt plus faible.

Dette boule de neige : commencez par rembourser le solde le plus bas de la dette pour obtenir rapidement des victoires et de la motivation, tout en effectuant les paiements minimums sur toutes les autres dettes.

Optez pour ce qui vous semble le plus confortable. Si vous avez puisé dans vos économies, essayez d'augmenter vos économies mensuelles au cours des prochains mois pour les ramener à leur niveau initial, en particulier si vous avez utilisé votre fonds d'urgence. Non, la sangria n'est pas une urgence. Même en hiver.

Rationalisez vos économies

En entrant dans le mois prochain, mettez en place un virement automatique afin que vos économies sortent directement de votre compte et que vous ne soyez pas tenté de vous réconforter avec un autre café au pain d'épice. Écoutez, les cafés au pain d'épice sont formidables, mais l'être financièrement stable l'est aussi.

Si vous avez plusieurs objectifs d'épargne, vous pouvez également envisager de créer plusieurs comptes d'épargne (assurez-vous de vérifier les frais mensuels) et d'allouer votre salaire en conséquence. Des points bonus si vous utilisez un compte d'épargne à rendement élevé qui accumulera des intérêts supplémentaires.

Désintoxication financière

Parfois, lorsque nous avons dépensé un peu trop, il peut être judicieux de donner un nouveau départ à nos finances. Une manière de le faire est d'avoir un "mois sans dépenses". Ça ne semble peut-être pas passionnant, mais écoutez-nous. Vous faites une pause dans l'achat de choses qui ne sont pas absolument nécessaires. Cela fonctionne mieux si vous établissez des règles strictes, en vous concentrant uniquement sur l'essentiel.

Définissez vos règles en identifiant les nécessités, planifiez vos repas à l'avance, évitez les tentations comme les centres commerciaux et les influences des médias sociaux, recherchez des divertissements gratuits et suivez les économies réalisées. Un mois sans dépenses peut également vous aider à réinitialiser votre réflexion sur ce dont vous avez vraiment besoin de dépenser de l'argent. Par exemple, pendant la période des fêtes, vous avez peut-être absolument eu besoin de nouvelles tenues pour vos rencontres sociales.

Cependant, en janvier, prenez le temps de parcourir votre garde-robe et trouvez des pièces fantastiques que vous aviez depuis longtemps. Voyez cela comme une façon de prendre du recul et de réévaluer vos habitudes de dépenses tout en économisant de l'argent.

Allouez chaque centime de votre budget

Une tendance récente dans le domaine de la budgétisation est d'allouer chaque centime de votre salaire à différentes catégories, en veillant à ce que chaque euro que vous gagnez serve à un but précis. Une fois votre budget établi, vous avez toujours la flexibilité de déplacer des fonds, mais l'idée est que vous réfléchirez à deux fois avant de transférer des fonds d'une chose importante à quelque chose de plus trivial. Cela vous aidera également à comprendre vos priorités et à réparer les dégâts.

Révisez et ajustez

Pendant que vous sirotez quelque chose chez vous lors de votre mois sans dépenses, c'est aussi bon moment que n'importe lequel pour élaborer un budget hypothétique pour les fêtes de l'année prochaine. Tant que tout est encore frais dans votre esprit, notez les coûts les plus importants et essayez de mettre en place un budget vers lequel vous pourrez travailler et économiser au cours des prochains mois.

Les choses à planifier peuvent inclure les voyages, les frais de réception d'une fête, les cadeaux, les factures de gaz supplémentaires pour le chauffage, et peut-être une tenue qui vous fera vous sentir encore mieux. N'oubliez pas, budgétiser ne consiste pas à vivre au minimum, mais à établir des priorités, à planifier et à anticiper.

Dernières réflexions

La frénésie de dépenses de la période des fêtes a peut-être laissé votre portefeuille un peu vide, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, vous n'êtes pas seul à entamer janvier avec quelques ajustements financiers à faire. En suivant ces cinq conseils, vous pouvez rebondir rapidement et même vous préparer aux festivités de l'année prochaine. Avec un peu de discipline et une nouvelle perspective, vous serez bien parti pour rebondir et retrouver rapidement votre stabilité financière. À votre santé pour une nouvelle année financièrement solide !

Press release
Tap Teams Up with Notabene for Cryptocurrency Travel Rule Solutions

Tap has the pleasure to announce its new partnership with Notabene. This collaboration represents a concerted and strategic effort to enhance its compliance operations, ensuring continued adherence to the Travel Rule for cryptocurrencies.

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TAP Partners with Notabene to Implement Innovative Solutions Ensuring Adherence to Cryptocurrencies’ Travel Rule

Tap is proud to announce its new partnership with Notabene, in a concerted and strategic response to strengthen its compliance operations, by utilizing the market-leading solutions to ensure ongoing compliance with the Travel Rule for cryptocurrencies. Embracing the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, this partnership underscores TAP's dedication to ensuring consumer trust and guaranteeing pre-transaction regulatory compliance requirements at all times.

Tap has always taken pride in its regulatory-first approach, emphasizing the importance of consumer trust and operational transparency. Tap's decision to partner with Notabene is grounded in a multitude of strategic rationales. Notabene's all-encompassing SafeTransact platform, renowned for its excellence in identifying and mitigating high-risk activity before it occurs, provides compliance teams with the tools to make data-driven choices and enhances operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating the Travel Rule into compliance processes.

Notabene's notable offering includes its SafeGateway solution, which facilitates VASP-to-VASP interaction across protocols. This positions them as strong contenders in the cryptocurrency compliance solutions sector. This underscores why TAP views this partnership as a positive step toward maintaining a competitive edge in the fintech compliance landscape.

Comment from Kriya Patel, CEO of Tap

“I am delighted to be able to announce our strategic partnership with Notabene and I look forward to growing the relationship together whilst navigating through to meeting and maintaining our current and future regulatory requirements in our industry. 

The partnership with Notabene was a natural one. They share the same values as Tap by focusing on  customer-driven product needs, whilst allowing us to maintain a regulated and security-first approach.”

Comment from Pelle Braendgaard, CEO of Notabene

"We are pleased to collaborate with Tap, their commitment to compliance and customer trust aligns seamlessly with our mission. Together, we can advance the industry while ensuring the highest standards of security and transparency."

What are cookies?

Ever wondered what browser cookies do? Our latest blog reveals their secrets and impact on your web experience.

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Welcome to the delicious world of cookies! But hold on, we're not talking about those sweet treats you munch on during tea time. We're here to unveil the mysterious and oh-so-important cookies that exist on the vast landscape of the internet. 

These cookies aren't tangible, instead, they're small pieces of data that roam around cyberspace, shaping and enhancing your online experience. In this article, we break down what cookies are exactly and how they impact our online interactions. 

What are cookies?

These digital marvels play a vital role in enhancing our online experiences. So, what exactly are cookies and why does your computer store them?

When you're hopping from one website to another, your computer keeps a small file on behalf of each website you visit. This file is the cookie. The name "cookie" actually comes from a programming term called a magic cookie, coined by the programmer, Lou Montulli, and adds flavor to your online adventures.

But why do computers store these little files? Cookies help web servers remember you, ensuring a smooth and personalized browsing experience. Let's say you perform an action on a website, like switching to a dark mode or logging in with your credentials. Your computer takes note of this and saves the information in a cookie.

When you revisit that website in the future, your computer hands back the stored information from the cookie to the website. It's like your computer acting as a helpful assistant, reminding the website of your preferences, saved settings, and even items left in your virtual shopping cart.

The bottom line is that cookies allow for a seamless and tailored browsing experience. 

The different types of cookies

As with its baked goods counterpart, not all cookies are created equal. Each type serves a unique purpose in enhancing your online experience. Here's a breakdown of the most common cookie varieties:

Session cookies

These are temporary cookies that exist only during your browsing session. They hold information about your activities on a website, ensuring smooth navigation. Once you close the browser, session cookies vanish, leaving no trace behind.

Persistent cookies

Unlike their transient cousins, persistent cookies stick around even after you close the browser. They store information like login details or preferences, making your return visits more personalized and convenient.

First-party cookies

These are created by the website you are visiting. They help remember your preferences and settings, making your browsing experience smoother.

Third-party cookies

These cookies come from external sources, often embedded in the website you're visiting. They track your browsing habits, allowing advertisers to deliver targeted ads based on your interests.

Cookie consent and those pop up banners

When you visit a website, you may have noticed those cookie consent banners or pop-ups that demand your attention. Turns out they are quite important. Implementing these notifications helps websites comply with data protection regulations and respect your privacy. 

They also play a vital role in helping users understand the importance of giving consent and being aware of how their data is used. So, next time you encounter a cookie consent banner, remember it's there to protect your rights and ensure transparency in the online world.

How cookies track and analyse your behaviour

Cookies have become a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing user behavior on websites. They enable website owners to gather valuable analytics data and gain insights into visitor patterns and preferences. 

By utilizing cookies, website administrators can track the number of page views, monitor the time users spend on their site, and gain a deeper understanding of how visitors interact with different elements. This data helps them optimize their websites, improve user experience, and tailor content to suit audience preferences. 

On top of that, cookies also play a crucial role in targeted advertising, allowing marketers to display ads based on users' browsing habits and interests. So, the next time you encounter a personalized ad, you can thank those little, but mighty, cookies for their clever insights.

How you can manage your cookies

Managing and controlling cookies gives you more control over your online privacy. Through browser settings, you can choose to accept, reject, or delete cookies. Taking control of your cookie preferences allows you to customize your browsing experience and limit the data collected by websites. 

Additionally, various cookie management tools are available, making it easier to handle cookies across different websites. It's important to understand the implications of accepting or rejecting cookies, as it can affect website functionality, personalized experiences, and even the relevance of advertisements. Find the right balance that suits your privacy preferences and browsing needs.


In the vast realm of the internet, cookies are the unsung heroes that make our online experiences seamless and personalized. These small files, stored by our computers on behalf of websites, play a crucial role in remembering our preferences, settings, and actions. 

So, the next time you encounter a cookie consent banner or notice the personalization of a website, you'll know it's all thanks to these small but mighty digital gems called cookies. 

News and updates

Re-Introducing premium plans on Tap for EU/EEA Territories

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Tap Teams Up with Notabene for Cryptocurrency Travel Rule Solutions

Tap has the pleasure to announce its new partnership with Notabene. This collaboration represents a concerted and strategic effort to enhance its compliance operations, ensuring continued adherence to the Travel Rule for cryptocurrencies.

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Public Announcement from the Tap Team Regarding Bittrex Global's Upcoming Closure

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Tap temporarily suspends XTP locking/fees in compliance with FCA regulatory requirement

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TAP to pause U.K. client onboarding whilst taking steps meet new FCA Financial Promotions Regime

Tap hits pause on new UK customer onboarding until completion of a review to fully comply with the new FCA Regime.

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Tap partners with Total Processing

Tap's new partnership with Total Processing enables smoother Visa debit deposits, elevating Tap users satisfaction and payment convenience.

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The Journey to 200K Users: A tale of talent, tenacity, and tremendous support

Get ready to dive into a captivating fintech saga, where talent, determination, and community support lead us to 200K users!

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Tap now supports Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

We are delighted to announce the listing and support of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) on Tap!

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Tap now supports Loopring (LRC).

We are delighted to announce the listing and support of Loopring (LRC) on Tap!

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Tap partners with Sweatcoin

Tap partners with Sweatcoin for a healthier and financially inclusive world

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Tap now supports Kyber (KNC)

We are delighted to announce the listing and support of Kyber (KNC) on Tap!

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Tap now supports Balancer (BAL)

We are delighted to announce the listing and support of Balancer (BAL) on Tap!

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Tap announces key additions to executive leadership team

Tap, today announced the appointment of Kriyakant "Kriya" Patel as a Chief executive officer.

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Tap now supports PAX Gold (PAXG)

We are delighted to announce the listing and support of PAX Gold (PAXG) on Tap!

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Reflecting on our three-year journey of financial innovation

Building the future of finance: celebrating three years of progress.

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