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Integrating crypto in your product easily

Create your own crypto trading offer

Tap Crypto-as-a-Service enables your customers to easily buy, sell & exchange cryptocurrencies. Our bespoke solution is designed to serve any bank, fintech, trading platform or financial institution.

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Key features

Some of our key features enable you to connect crypto trading to your current infrastructure or use it as a foundation for a new app.

Easy to integrate API

Seamless access to crypto purchase, sell and trade.

First-class regulatory standards & secure.

Round the clock access to digital assets worldwide.


A cost-effective solution for your business

Tap Crypto-as-a-service enables your business to significantly reduce time-to-market and upfront investment. Leverage your apps and platforms by providing crypto-based services for your customer, and enter the rapidly expanding market of crypto with a cost effective option.


Reduce your time-to-market

Building a credible and resilient crypto platform can take years; our technology on the other hand can provide a solution for launching in just weeks. 

Open new revenue streams

Leverage crypto to build new revenue streams while gaining market shares.

Leverage our licensing and compliance expertise

Take advantage of our licensing, without the need of applying for a crypto license that can take up to 24 months to get.

Flexible solution

Tailor your margin to suit your preferences.

Enter a new market

Use our services to get into the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency sector, and enjoy instant access to the crypto markets.
Service offering

A wide range of services to offer your clients

Integrated into your front-end, your customers can access a large array of cryptocurrency services from trading to asset custody.

Intuitive interface

Simple and intuitive buy & sell interface for your retail users

Major cryptocurrencies 

Offer 30+ cryptocurrencies to your users

Digital asset custody

First-class custody for digital assets

Advanced trading

Agnostic trading pair, easy trading of any asset for any asset with no pair limitations

Flexible integration

Robust and flexible API solution to help you create your offering
Assets available

All Cryptocurrencies supported by Tap

Looking for a specific crypto to add to your offering? Tap offer a large array of 30+ digital currencies to add to your offering. Consult our full list of available cryptocurrencies below.

crypto coins
See all available
Crypto coinCrypto coinCrypto coinCrypto coinCrypto coinCrypto coin

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