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Crypto business account made easy

All your business needs covered by one solution

A unique solution that connects fiat and cryptocurrency, combining fiat accounts, cryptocurrency trading and international payments, in one account.

Open your own crypto business account today with a fully regulated financial provider that you can rely on.

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business account

Banking without
a bank

Enjoy payment accounts in major national currencies & access to local & international payment rails.

3 rd party payments in/out

Individual named business accounts

Individual IBAN

Receive and send in EUR & GBP

Faster Payments & SEPA Instant

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Institutional crypto trading

Buy, sell & trade 45+ cryptocurrencies

Easily buy, exchange or sell crypto. Tap offers digital wallets in major cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and other digital assets, all integrated into our business crypto accounts.

Exchange Cash to Crypto
Trade over 45+ cryptocurrencies
Pair agnostic. Trade any to any
Institutional-grade OTC desk
A card that covers all your needs

A card to fit your business

The Tap business card helps you to manage and control your corporate spending quickly and easily. Our complimentary virtual business card makes it convenient for you to conduct transactions online.

Instant payments
Instant payment worldwide
Low FX rates
Extra low FX rates on your transactions
Real-time notification on transactions
Detailed monthly statements
High-grade security including 3D secure
Go virtual
Tap offers physical & virtual cards
Real-time transfers with no fees

Free international transfers

Tap enables you to conveniently move money, around the clock, with zero fees or limits via the Tap Network. Our network allows members to conveniently pay each other in real time with any of any of the currencies or cryptocurrencies supported on our platform.

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Top tier customer support

Dedicated account manager to meet your needs

Your satisfaction is our priority.  We provide each of our clients with hands-on service & personalised support by assigning your company a dedicated account manager.

You can be confident that you’ll receive the individualised support, care and attention that you are looking for.

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crypto business account

Does my Tap business account work like a traditional bank account?

Tap offers services similar to those offered by the traditional financial system for fiat money, as well as crypto services and custody of virtual assets.

What are the differences between a crypto bank and traditional banks?

A crypto bank account is a financial account that allows users to manage and conduct transactions with crypto assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These accounts typically offer a range of services, such as crypto banking, trading, and international payments, all in one platform.

Are there any advantages to using a crypto-friendly bank over a traditional bank?

Some advantages of using a crypto-friendly bank over a traditional bank include access to specialized crypto banking services, lower fees, and restrictions on transactions and deposits, as well as the ability to easily convert between fiat and crypto assets.

What are some examples of crypto banking services offered by crypto-friendly banks?

Examples of crypto banking services offered by crypto-friendly banks include the ability to securely store and manage crypto assets, trade cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges, earn interest on crypto deposits, and use crypto debit cards for making purchases.

Can I open a traditional bank account and a crypto bank account at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to open both a traditional bank account and a crypto bank account at the same time. This can give users the flexibility to manage their finances and conduct transactions in both fiat and crypto currencies.

Can I deposit and withdraw funds from my crypto bank account?

Most crypto banks allow users to easily deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts using both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The specific methods and fees for deposits and withdrawals may vary depending on the bank and the user's location.