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Premium Plan & Upgrading

If you are looking to upgrade your account you came at the right place. Tap currently offers 2 premium plans: Black and Titanium, with Titanium being our highest tiers of account.

Both of our premium plans enjoy greater spending limits on your card, reduced exchange fees for crypto and unlimited free forex exchange. To see the complete list of all the perks and benefits, see here.

You can find the fees and limits in the settings: 
• Start from the home screen
• Press on your display picture at the top left corner of the homepage
• Scroll down to " Fees and Limits".

To upgrade to a Black account, you'll need to have purchased 250,000 XTP.
To upgrade to a Titanium account, you'll need to have purchased 500,000XTP.

Before you upgrade to a premium plan, ensure that you are up to date with the latest version of the app.

To upgrade your account: 

• Get started from the home page
• Navigate to the crypto section
• Select XTP from the crypto list  
• A drop-down menu will appear, press on the little green padlock above "options"
• Select the tiers account you wish to upgrade to whether it's Black or Titanium.
Your XTP will now be locked for the 1 year period of your premium plan.

Please note that your physical card will not change, you do not have to worry about it, everything is immediately and automatically migrated including your spending allowance with it.

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