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Can Tap support team see my personal information?

We understand the importance of privacy and want to assure you that we go to great lengths to protect your personal data. At our company, we have strict protocols in place regarding access to user information, adhering to global data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Our support team only has access to the specific information required to effectively assist you with your inquiry or issue. This limited and permissioned access helps safeguard your privacy. The personal data they can view is carefully restricted based on their role.

For example, they may need to reference details like your name, email address, and basic account information to verify your identity and provide the support you need.

You can rest assured that any personal information is used solely for the purpose of support services, analyzed only by authorized personnel, and securely processed in full compliance with data protection laws like GDPR. We employ robust security measures to protect data from unauthorized access.

Maintaining your trust is of utmost importance to us. Our team accesses personal data with the highest standards of ethics, discretion and strong access controls. If you ever have concerns, our team is available to address them.

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