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Can I give someone else access to my account?

Absolutely not. For the security and legal protection of your funds and personal information, you must never share your Tap account login credentials or password with anyone else.

Each Tap account is personalised and linked solely to the verified account holder's identity. Allowing third-parties to access your account would violate our terms and conditions, as well as potentially expose you to legal liabilities under data privacy and anti-money laundering laws.

Sharing your credentials presents major risks:

🔒 It compromises the security of your funds and assets held in the account
🔐 It allows unauthorized individuals to view your personal and financial data
⚖️ It can enable illegal activities like money laundering through your account
📵 It violates our policies, which could result in account termination

We have an unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe and legally compliant platform for all users. Allowing account sharing would undermine our ability to properly verify identities and transaction sources.

For your own protection, you must be the sole party operating your account. Never reveal your login, two-factor codes, or other sensitive information to any third-parties, professionals, family or friends.

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