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How to buy Polygon?

Tap is the best place to buy, sell, hold and trade Polygon easily. Sign up with Tap and start trading Polygon in a click. Access a whole new world of digital assets, with a simple and fast way to buy, sell and spend your Polygon

What is Polygon?

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution designed to enhance Ethereum's operability. The network transforms Ethereum into a multi-chain system that can cater to developers' diverse range of needs within the blockchain ecosystem. Ultimately, Polygon aims to stimulate mass adoption by solving scalability issues plaguing the blockchain industry.

Formerly Matic Network, the platform underwent a rebranding in 2021. Polygon uses Plasma Framework, which facilitates the easy execution of scalable and autonomous smart contracts, alongside a proof of stake consensus mechanism.

Polygon was founded in 2017 by Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal and Anurag Arjun, obtaining guidance from Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin. In 2019 the network moved to its own platform and later rebranded to Polygon, while retaining the MATIC ticker.


How to buy Polygon?

Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and a wide range of cryptocurrencies with confidence knowing that your coins are safe in an exchange where they've been backed by top-notch safety features like 2FA authentication and bank-level encryption.

Buy Polygon with Bank Transfer

Deposit funds safely and for free directly to your unique Tap account by bank transfer. You can then use these funds to buy Polygon MATIC or any other coin or token with a click on the Tap mobile app.

Buy Polygon with Debit Card

You can buy MATIC directly with your card on the Tap mobile app in one smooth process. Deposit funds absolutely free of charge, then purchase your Polygon MATIC for the best price currently available on the market.

Trade Polygon In A click

Tap offers the ability to deposit multiple cryptocurrencies which you can then trade for Polygon MATIC at some of the market's greatest rates, making it ideal for traders.

Why buy Polygon with Tap?

Be at ease onboarding cryptocurrencies knowing you're using a fully regulated provider. Tap offers cutting-edge technology, token features and top security processes enabling biometric login and backend encryption and excellent customer support. You can rest assured that your funds, private data and account are secure at all times.

Tap mobile app is the solution to all your cryptocurrency problems, from where can you buy MATIC tokens to how to store Polygon. Become a savvy investor with Tap today.

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Trading with Tap automatically gives you access to the platform’s smart engine which finds you the best available USD price on the market in real-time. By scanning top exchanges and order books, the technology is able to sift through tons of data in order to pair you with the best market price.

Tap into Polygon today

Start investing in Polygon today and get started with as little as $10/€10. Buying MATIC has never been this easy. Trade on the go, invest and earn, build your wealth and join our community of users in building a better financial future with Tap.

Want to learn more about crypto ?

Whether you're a crypto novice or an everyday trader, Tap has what it takes to keep your knowledge growing. Would you like to learn more about digital assets, blockchain, asset security, technology, market cap, investment advice, or any other crypto jargon?

Tap's crypto learning corner is filled with many an article and has everything you need and more when it comes to learning about cryptocurrency. We'll have you understanding the world of finance and cryptocurrency in no time. 

Trade Polygon

Tap enables you to trade Polygon MATIC for any of our other listed cryptocurrencies. Our well-regulated and secure app provides you with a fast, reliable, and secure trading platform. To meet your specific needs, Tap offers a variety of Polygon trading pairs.

Store or Hold Polygon

Many users hold Polygon long-term as they expect that it will appreciate in value as the market cap steadily grows. Your Polygon can be safely stored and kept with confidence for extended periods of time in your Tap wallet. With us, your mind can be at ease.

Spend Polygon

Tap enables you to use Polygon to pay bills, send to friends and family around the world, or simply use it at merchants and ATMs across the globe with the Tap Card. Manage all payments directly from the convenience of your mobile phone with the Tap app, or sell Polygon with the tap of a finger.

Send Polygon

Tap enables you to transfer your crypto tokens around the world with a tap of the finger. Transfer Polygon for free between Tap accounts to anyone, anywhere in the world, whether you're sending money to friends or trading it for goods and services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polygon (MATIC)?

Polygon (MATIC) is the native token to the proof of stake layer 2 scaling network, built on the Ethereum network. The tokens are used to secure the Polygon network, pay transaction fees and provide governance.

Is the Matic Network the same as the Polygon Network?

Essentially yes, they are the same thing, in February 2021 the platform rebranded itself. What was formerly called Matic is now called the Polygon network. The proof of stake network known for its low transaction fees has seen widespread adoption and praise across the industry, providing solutions to many blockchains.

What is an Ethereum scaling solution?

Scaling solutions are built to work on top of another blockchain to enhance its services. It involves intricate infrastructure development that works hand in hand with the underlying blockchain, in this case, the Ethereum main chain. The project seeks to enhance the poor user experience, high gas fees, and low transaction count per second on the Ethereum blockchain without compromising the platform's services. Designed to be an advantage to both networks, the scaling solution is able to leverage the already strong Ethereum main chain and streamline the services.

Where can I find the MATIC price?

Users can find the MATIC price in the Tap app. Simply open the app and select Polygon MATIC from the list of currencies in the Crypto wallet. The Polygon price will be displayed on the coin's page. When looking to buy Polygon MATIC or simply trading it, Tap's smart engine will ensure that you get the best Polygon price available on the market at that time.

What is the maximum supply of Polygon MATIC?

The digital asset built on the Ethereum blockchain has a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 MATIC tokens. At the time of writing, the Polygon MATIC platform had a market cap of $7.5 billion with an impressive MATIC trading volume.

Where can I buy MATIC tokens (Polygon)?

You can conveniently and securely buy Polygon MATIC with fiat currency through the Tap app. All you need to do is download the mobile app from the relevant app store (find links on the home page of our website). From there you will need to complete an identity verification process after which you can add funds to your fiat or crypto wallet and buy Polygon (MATIC). Similar to a traditional bank account only with zero fees for use and integrated trading functionality.