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What is Kyber Network (KNC)?

Unlocking the potential of decentralized finance: Learn about Kyber Network (KNC), a decentralized exchange powering seamless token swaps.

What is Kyber Network (KNC)?
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Kyber Network was launched in 2018 with the aim of being the main liquidity hub for the DeFi space. KyberSwap is the platform's interface, a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that provides convenient and secure value exchange within the crypto market. Overall, the Kyber Network platform provides a smooth token-swapping experience while boosting earnings for liquidity providers. 

What is Kyber Network (KNC)?

Kyber Network is a decentralized multi-chain liquidity hub that provides instant, secure transactions on any decentralized application (dapp). Its main goal is to provide deep liquidity pools that offer the best rates for DeFi dapps, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and other users. Kyber Network is built on the Ethereum blockchain and makes use of intricate smart contracts.

KyberSwap is its flagship DEX aggregator and liquidity platform. KyberSwap sources liquidity from multiple DEXes to provide the best swap rates for traders in DeFi. KyberSwap is decentralized and permissionless, allowing users to conduct transactions on any of its supported 12 chains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. 

Kyber Network seeks to solve the liquidity issue in the DeFi industry by allowing developers to build products and services using the platform's protocol, while KyberSwap acts as the trustless trading platform that also provides rewards for liquidity providers. With over $1 billion in total volume from over 1 million user transactions, Kyber Network is a growing player in the DeFi space.

Kyber Network's governance structure is managed by holders of its native Kyber Network Crystals (KNC) token through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called KyberDAO. This allows KNC token holders to have a say in the network's decision-making processes and contribute to its development and growth.

Who created Kyber Network?

Kyber Network was founded by Loi Luu, Victor Tran, and Yaron Velner in 2017. The project created 226 million KNC tokens, most of which were sold to buyers and investors during its initial coin offering. This raised Kyber Network 200,000 ETH (roughly $50 million at the time) to launch the platform. The protocol went live on the Ethereum blockchain in February 2018, with Vitalik Buterin as an advisor. 

In October 2017, the Kyber Network burned over 10 million KNC tokens, bringing the maximum supply down to roughly 215 million KNC.

Victor Tran is the current CEO of Kyber Network, while Loi Luu is the current Chairman. Yaron Velner stepped down as CTO in October 2019 but remains as an advisor. The Kyber team has over 50 employees globally, and its headquarters is in Singapore, with a large presence in Vietnam.

How does Kyber Network work?

Kyber Network is a decentralized protocol that enables users to instantly trade tokens without intermediaries. KyberSwap is the user interface for Kyber Network, with two protocols: Classic and Elastic. 

Classic features the Dynamic Market Maker (DMM) protocol and the Amplification (AMP) programmable price curve. Elastic is a tick-based AMM (automated market maker) with concentrated liquidity, allowing liquidity providers to specify the price range for adding liquidity and earn fees for swaps processed at a specific price. 

KyberSwap also has features like the Reinvestment Curve, multiple fee tiers, JIT Protection, and liquidity mining farms. The Kyber Network aggregates liquidity from various sources into a single liquidity pool on its network, and anyone can provide liquidity. The protocol is integrated into dApps (decentralized applications), DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms, and crypto wallets, enabling users to utilize any Kyber Network-supported token and allowing platforms to receive payment in their preferred token. 

The Kyber Network protocol relies on reserves to provide liquidity for its decentralized exchange platform, KyberSwap. When a user initiates a trade, the platform searches for available reserves to find the best available rate being offered by takers. 

There are three main types of reserves: Price Feed Reserves (PFR), Automated Price Reserves (APR), and Bridge Reserves. PFRs use price feeds to calculate conversion rates using smart contracts acting as an alternative to market makers, APRs provide rates for available crypto assets through smart contracts, and Bridge Reserves access other decentralized exchanges to deepen liquidity. 

Previously, reserves were required to participate in the Kyber protocol by staking KNC to pay for network fees, but a recent upgrade removed this requirement, making it easier for reserves to participate. Kyber Network collects fees in ETH, with a portion of them going to reserves based on the amount of liquidity they provide.

The reserves model is a critical component of KyberSwap, enabling the platform to offer fast and competitive token trading services to its users.

What is the Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) token?

Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is the native coin for the platform and acts as both a utility and governance token. Users can stake it to vote on upgrades and policies or delegate their tokens to other validators and earn a portion of the block reward. 

Users who stake KNC receive rewards in ETH, and network fees paid in KNC will be burned over time, gradually reducing its supply. KNC holders can participate in the DAO and governance proposals by staking their assets or delegating their vote. 

They can also earn liquidity-mining rewards by staking their tokens in eligible Rainmaker farming pools or participating in various activities such as Trading Contest, Gleam Giveaway, and AMAs.

How can I buy KNC tokens?

Tap's mobile app offers a user-friendly platform for users to purchase, trade, and safely store Kyber Network's KNC token in an integrated wallet. The app supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, which can be used for buying and selling KNC tokens. The app also makes use of a smart router which finds the best Kyber Network price at any given time.

Additionally, users can securely store not only KNC tokens but also other digital assets on the app. Downloading the Tap mobile app provides users with access to verified cryptocurrencies and fiat wallets, allowing them to take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities.

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