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Travel with Tap  – A crypto vacation guide

Traveling with Tap: Discover the different ways to spend your cryptocurrencies to plan your next holidays.

Travel with Tap  – A crypto vacation guide
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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all about decentralised, worldwide, financial independence and liberty. Cryptocurrencies are borderless, censorship-resistant digital currencies that can be used by anybody with internet access. 

As a result, crypto, at least in principle, appears to be the perfect solution for international travellers or "digital nomads." With the added advantage of having the Tap app, users can instantly and seamlessly use their cryptocurrencies as they would regular fiat currencies when travelling around.

With the growth rate of blockchain technology and crypto adoption increasing, it's only natural that we're seeing more options to spend and travel the world using cryptocurrency.

In this article, we'll look at a variety of different ways to spend your crypto while travelling with Tap and how to spend seamlessly with your Tap card. We will explore why people choose to use their crypto to travel and how the exploding $1 trillion travel market is important for the cryptocurrency industry. 

Entirely Cashless

The beauty of travelling with crypto is that it is entirely cashless. You won't have to worry about dealing with foreign currency exchanges when entering or leaving a different country as all of your money is kept digitally online in your app. 

With the Tap card, users can use their crypto balances to load their card and freely swipe away worldwide. The card allows for seamless payments at millions of merchants around the world, with the merchant none the wiser. 

The option to upgrade to Black or Titanium card options allow you to reduce or completely eliminate any FX fees. Get empowered and enjoy the best out of your money wherever you go.

Reduces Risk

Instead of being a target for muggings looking to steal cash, being entirely digital bypasses this risk.


Should something happen at home you can easily and quickly send funds back. Operating 24/7 and only requiring an internet connection, sending money back home can be completed at a moment's notice. Send funds to your friends and family via crypto or fiat for free on their Tap account. 


Last but not least, many companies offer discounts to users paying with cryptocurrencies. From travel to retail, and everything in between, users can enjoy added discounts just by utilising crypto. 

Should an event arise that you do need cash, users can easily withdraw cash from a regular ATM using their Tap card. Paying none to significantly fewer fees than you would with your standard bank card, the Tap card allows you to seamlessly integrate into the foreign country with peace of mind. 

How To Travel Abroad With Tap

This is the ultimate crypto vacation guide showing you how to buy everything that you might need through the Tap app for that epic crypto vacation abroad.

Flights was the first US online travel agency to open its doors to crypto, getting into the game as early as 2013. The company currently allows holidaymakers to make payments using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

In 2020, Travala and Expedia merged to give users access to millions of hotels and villas worldwide payable in over 30 popular types of cryptocurrencies. There is also in Spain, airBaltic in Latvia, Surf Air in the US, and Peach Aviation in Japan.

Conveniently buy everything you need with your Tap app by scanning the company’s QR code and confirming the transaction. Alternatively, you can make online purchases using your Tap card. 


Travala, and Destinia all allow users to book flights and accommodation in one smooth transaction. On Destinia look out for the GoCoin merchant plugin. has partnered with flight planner, A Bit Sky, to provide a location with both flight and accommodation options.

Savvy accommodation-seekers can look to Airbnb-style crypto startups like 99Flats in India or CryptoCribs on Reddit, or head over to XcelTrip,a decentralized travel ecosystem, which provides access to 400 airlines and 1.5 million hotels.

Food and Drink

CoinMap is an app for anyone and everyone wanting to find crypto-friendly companies. Felix Weis, as well as numerous other cryptocurrency influencers, has credited CoinMap with being the saviour for finding the closest cafe, bar, or restaurant that accepts Bitcoin, including international chains such as Subway and local providers who use crypto merchants. Say goodbye to walking around with boatloads of cash and just take your Tap app along instead. 

Holidaymakers can also look to using crypto to buy a gift card which can be purchased online through Gyft or eGifter, with eGifter offering a 5% discount for purchases made with Bitcoin. eGifter offers gift cards to restaurants like Papa John, Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, TGI Fridays, UberEats and more.

Getting Around

Expedia, A Bit Sky, Destinia, and CheapAir all offer access to transfers or car rentals in their services, while Gyft and eGifter offer Uber vouchers. There is also, which locates different crypto-accepting services in an area, simply chose the car filter option.

Things To Do

Again, Gyft and eGifter provide access to options like Groupon where you can find local activities on offer, or head to for any last-minute Amazon purchases (snorkel, anyone?).

Travel The Tap Way

Both the Tap card and the Tap app can provide a seamless and cost-effective solution to using both Fiat and cryptocurrencies when travelling. Simply load your wallet with crypto and fiat currencies, and pay directly from the app or use the card to pay at millions of merchants around the world. Say hello to easy travel and plenty of discounts. 

With a range of coins on offer and an integrated smart engine that ensures the best possible prices in real time, travelling with cryptocurrencies and Tap is as smooth a ride as it gets.

With a range of coins on offer and an integrated smart engine Tap lets you store and manage your digital assets wherever, whenever. There are no border delays or inconvenient payment processes to worry about while travelling with cryptocurrency, only speed and convenience. Tap is as seamless a journey as it gets when it comes to managing your digital assets, spending / withdrawing freely while travelling. 

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