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Tap Teams Up with Notabene for Cryptocurrency Travel Rule Solutions

Tap is excited to announce its partnership with Notabene, enhancing compliance operations and ensuring adherence to cryptocurrency Travel Rule.

Tap Teams Up with Notabene for Cryptocurrency Travel Rule Solutions
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TAP Partners with Notabene to Implement Innovative Solutions Ensuring Adherence to Cryptocurrencies’ Travel Rule

Tap is proud to announce its new partnership with Notabene, in a concerted and strategic response to strengthen its compliance operations, by utilizing the market-leading solutions to ensure ongoing compliance with the Travel Rule for cryptocurrencies. Embracing the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, this partnership underscores TAP's dedication to ensuring consumer trust and guaranteeing pre-transaction regulatory compliance requirements at all times.

Tap has always taken pride in its regulatory-first approach, emphasizing the importance of consumer trust and operational transparency. Tap's decision to partner with Notabene is grounded in a multitude of strategic rationales. Notabene's all-encompassing SafeTransact platform, renowned for its excellence in identifying and mitigating high-risk activity before it occurs, provides compliance teams with the tools to make data-driven choices and enhances operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating the Travel Rule into compliance processes.

Notabene's notable offering includes its SafeGateway solution, which facilitates VASP-to-VASP interaction across protocols. This positions them as strong contenders in the cryptocurrency compliance solutions sector. This underscores why TAP views this partnership as a positive step toward maintaining a competitive edge in the fintech compliance landscape.

Comment from Kriya Patel, CEO of Tap

“I am delighted to be able to announce our strategic partnership with Notabene and I look forward to growing the relationship together whilst navigating through to meeting and maintaining our current and future regulatory requirements in our industry. 

The partnership with Notabene was a natural one. They share the same values as Tap by focusing on  customer-driven product needs, whilst allowing us to maintain a regulated and security-first approach.”

Comment from Pelle Braendgaard, CEO of Notabene

"We are pleased to collaborate with Tap, their commitment to compliance and customer trust aligns seamlessly with our mission. Together, we can advance the industry while ensuring the highest standards of security and transparency."

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