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Re-Introducing premium plans on Tap for EU/EEA Territories

Re-Introducing premium plans on Tap for EU/EEA Territories
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We are pleased to announce the reintroduction of our locking feature for users in the EU/EEA territories. By locking XTP and advancing to higher tiers, users can now access a diverse range of benefits. This upgrade reaffirms our commitment to delivering meaningful enhancements to our users, optimising their experience within the Tap ecosystem

About XTP Locking

XTP locking is an innovative feature within the Tap app ecosystem, crafted for our savvy users seeking premium perks. By locking XTP tokens, users can unlock increased limits on their Tap Prepaid Mastercard and take advantage of reduced crypto exchange fees and FX fees. Upgrading is a straightforward process: simply choose the plan that suits you, upgrade to Black or Titanium levels, and enjoy enhanced perks for a secure 12-month period while your tokens remain safely locked.

The benefits of XTP locking  include increased spending limits on the Tap Prepaid Mastercard, reduced transaction fees, and access to exclusive perks that making the Tap experience even more rewarding.

✨ The perks of our premium plans

  • Boost spending limits on the Tap card
  • Enjoy reduced crypto exchange fees
  • Experience lower FX fees
  • Access special rewards and promotions

📈 Discounted Trading fees using XTP

In addition to the exciting relaunch of XTP staking, we are reintroducing a key utility of the XTP token - the ability to pay trading fees within the Tap App. This means that users in the EU/EEA region can now resume paying with XTP, to cover their trading fees, availing themselves of an enticing 25% discount in addition to the benefits included in their current plan.

  • Utilize XTP for trading fees
  • Enjoy a 25% discount
  • Maximize your savings while trading on the Tap platform

This enhancement not only  provides added utility to the XTP token but also enables users to save significantly on their trading activities, creating a more cost-effective and rewarding experience.

🙌 Embrace the XTP Revolution!
Experience the latest upgrade for EU/EEA territories: Tap locking is back. Whether you're a seasoned trader looking to optimize your experience or a newcomer eager to explore the benefits of locking, you can now access exclusive perks and save on trading fees.

Step into the future of finance with the Tap App, where locking means savings and open the doors to valuable rewards.

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