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Tap smart router

Get great crypto prices hassle-free with Tap. Our top of the line router finds the optimal execution location, even if it means filling orders fractionally across multiple exchanges. Say goodbye to platform hopping - let our smart router do the work for you!

How does it work?

Wondering how it works? Our smart router immediately assesses your buy or sell order using advanced algorithms. It then scours multiple exchanges and liquidity providers in real-time to find the best available deal for you. Your order is executed within milliseconds of placing the order, ensuring a quick and cost-effective transaction.

Put simply, Tap's router is designed to provide you with the optimal value for your trades.

Trade without pair limitations

Trade any fiat or cryptocurrency, without having to worry if a pair exists on an exchange. Tap is pair agnostic and enables you to exchange any asset for any other asset. No more headaches or limiting boundaries.

On the lookout for
great prices?

Calling all traders on the lookout for great prices! Gain the edge you need to secure great prices on your crypto purchases and execute trades efficiently.

Get more for your money

Discover a user-friendly and secure way to buy, sell, receive, and manage your digital assets with Tap. Whether you are new to crypto or an experienced trader, our user-friendly app has something for everyone.

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