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Take back control of your finance with all-in-one crypto trading and payment app. With Tap, managing digital assets feels simple again.

Tap is available in 48 states.
More than 350K users rely
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Choose from 7 digital assets.

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crypto with ease

Tap makes buying, selling and swapping digital assets
simple and accessible to all. No experience needed.

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Sign up in a few quick taps, and make your first crypto purchase in minutes.

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Trade any asset for another
without pairs using Tap

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Tap smart router searches markets for best available deal

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Easily add money from 
your bank account.

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Pay friends & family

Embrace the magic of instant crypto transfers. Say goodbye to waiting, send and receive funds in a flash!

Send a gift

Tap makes sharing the magic easy - send crypto gifts for birthdays, surprise friends with smiles, all with a simple tap.

Find the best deals

Settle up with Tap friends for any shared activity, from road trips to picnics to takeout.

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Banking in an instant

Introducing our USD Accounts: A new era in digital banking!  Seamlessly & securely manage, transfer, and store your funds with utmost convenience. Our intuitive accounts empowers you with full control, with easy monitoring, lightning-fast transactions, and essential banking services at your fingertip

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security for
your funds

Prioritize your security and seize control with confidence. Our advanced anti-fraud technology, coupled with strong customer authentication and sophisticated device authorization, empowers you to safeguard your funds & information effectively.

Invite friends get surprise rewards

Share the love and the reward!  Invite your friends to join today and and score some free Bitcoin once they complete their registration.

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