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Hi, we’re Tap

Our mission is to build a tool that grants global access to investing, while democratising finance for all. Our revolutionary approach accelerates digital asset adoption while empowering individuals worldwide with greater financial freedom. Join us on our mission to transform the financial landscape.

Our belief

Tap was established in 2019 on the principle of financial inclusion.  We exist to serve the millions ignored or marginalised by traditional banks.

Our revolutionary approach to finance makes money & crypto more accessible while empowering users to achieve their financial goals. Join us on our mission for a brighter more ethical financial future.

We are driven by our values

Innovation drives our success at Tap. We build, not talk. We continuously grow, innovate, and reinvent ourselves.
Exceptional service is our top priority. We focus on customer support and development to deliver timely, high-quality experiences.
At Tap, we uphold strong moral principles to ensure the highest standard of integrity in everything we do.
We pursue excellence by continuously improving. Small incremental changes add up to big results.
We believe in collaboration and creativity to brighten the future. Our focus on positivity & productivity ensures top-quality service for each client.
we value diverse perspectives and and place great value on everyone's input. We are committed to listening to our community input and ideas.

Revolutionising finance requires a lot of dedication and vision, and that’s what drives us.

Our groundbreaking money super-app is transforming the world of finance, empowering users to take control of their financial destiny. Tap is a tool for financial empowerment that you can use anytime, anywhere.

As Nelson Mandela said, "it always seems impossible until it's done." Join us and continue to create what was deemed impossible yesterday, with Tap.