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Manage your money internationally with our Money Account. Thanks to our multi-currency accounts available in GBP and EUR, enjoy a localised experience to easily spend worldwide. Plus, easily transfer money between your Tap wallets for free!

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Safe & secure digital accounts

Take control of your financial security with Tap. Our industry-leading anti-fraud technology, including multi-factor authentication and device authorisation, gives you peace of mind. Enjoy protection against unauthorised purchases and instant card locking in our app, available anytime.

Privacy & Data
We take the security of your documents and sensitive data very seriously. That's why we use high-end encryption to ensure that your information is kept private and secure.
Regulated & Licensed
Tap is licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with license No. 25532.
Funds safeguarding
The safety and security of your funds are of utmost importance. This is why user’s funds are kept in segregated e-money client accounts, ensuring the protection of your funds.

Add money easily & securely

Add money in a click. Tap supports UK faster payments and SEPA instant, enabling you to load your account in minutes, securely.  Load your account with a debit card or Bank transfer intuitively.

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Pay your way around the world

Safely and conveniently make payments worldwide with the Tap card. Whether online or at the shops, you choose. If you’ve got the local currency, we’ll use it, and if you don’t we’ll convert it for you at a cheap rate. 

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It’s a breeze to get started with Tap. In just two minutes you can open your very own account. No more banking hassles, just freedom, and flexibility.

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