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About us

Tap is a regulated digital financial platform that's leading the way in the world of digital assets by setting new industry standards. Our cutting-edge and user-friendly app allows users to seamlessly merge traditional finance with blockchain technology.

Tap enables users to manage their digital assets and use their fiat balances for routine purchases or ATM withdrawals with the convenience and functionality of the app.

Our financial super-app offers a seamless and user-friendly interface that can be accessed anywhere on the go. Our unwavering commitment to financial empowerment puts control back in the hands of our users, enabling them to take charge of their financial future.

At the forefront of modern finance, Tap provides an extensive range of financial services that cater to payment solutions, institutional financial services, and technological products.

Digital assets

Tap in a nutshell

Core product
Tap is a fintech company providing innovative payment and asset management solutions, effectively bridging the gap between fiat and digital currencies.
In addition, Tap provides a wide range of business solutions, financial services, and technological services to cater to the needs of institutions.
The Tap Card
As a MasterCard-powered solution, the Tap card empowers users to utilise their funds worldwide.
With the ability to load, manage, and monitor balances from the Tap mobile app.
With Tap, travelling just got a whole lot easier.
The Team
Based across the world mostly in Gibraltar, London, and Athens, the Tap team is made up of talented individuals, each bringing a unique and valuable skill set to the table.
Together, we are committed to driving positive change in the financial industry and making a meaningful impact in the world.
Fully Regulated
Tap is a fully regulated fintech provider licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) framework.
We operate with license No. 25532,  and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements to maintain the highest standards of compliance and transparency.

Brand assets

The Tap logo

The Tap logo is our universal signature used across all mediums and communications. Images may not be edited, changed, distorted, recoloured or reconfigured in any way.

Colors variations
Logo on white background
Logo on blue background
Logo on dark background
Our colours

Our colour palette is a unique balance of muted pastels and bold hues, giving our characters a soul and sparking the imagination.

Each color has a personality and story to tell, forming a narrative that reflects our brand's values and vision.

Our choice of color goes beyond being a collection of hues, it's a testament to our dedication to creating a simple yet joyful and vibrant product that tells a story in vivid detail.

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