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What is GensoKishi Metaverse (MV)?

Let's take a dive into what is GensoKishi Metaverse and its token MV.

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Since the Metaverse x GameFi project launched in early 2022, GensoKishi Metaverse has taken the cryptosphere by storm, already listed on several top exchanges. The MV token pairs with another token to power GensoKishi Online, the blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows users to create, buy and sell unique characters, weapons and maps. The blockchain-based innovation has leveraged the already existing MMORPG world of Elemental Knights.

What is GensoKishi Metaverse?

GensoKishi Online, Genso for short, is the blockchain-based play-to-earn reincarnation of the Nintendo Switch and Playstation game, Elemental Knights. The game boasts an impressive 13-year history with 8 million downloads and simultaneously connects users using a range of devices around the world through its fully-functioning 3D metaverse.

While the original game allowed users to create their own skins, characters, maps, and weapons, with the addition of blockchain technology all these attributes are now registered as NFTs. This allows for the buying, selling, and trading of unique elements.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) centers around players roaming freely through the immersive fantasy world, immersing themselves in quests with other participants. Players can bring their own characters and monsters to life through the creation process, while investors are able to purchase digital land and construct buildings.

Genso is groundbreaking in its incorporation of MMORPG elements and NFTs, giving players unprecedented control over their virtual assets. This revolutionary fantasy game enables gamers to take ownership of the items they have created or earned through skillful participation, making for a uniquely immersive experience.

Who created the GensoKishi Metaverse platform?

The development team behind the project has a brilliant track record in the existing MMORPG world having developed online games and prominent MMORPG titles for over two decades. Maxi Kuan is the CEO behind GensoKishi Metaverse, having previously been a Japanese representative for the Chinese blockchain media company and ran a blockchain-focused startup consultancy in Japan. 

World-renowned video game composer Tokuhiko Uwabo and former NHN PlayArt CEO Masaki Kato have since joined the GensoKishi Metaverse team as advisors. And in February 2022, the platform held an NFT auction which lead to SoulZ, a Japanese NFT collection, signing on as a partner and creating the first space within the metaverse. 

How does the GensoKishi Metaverse work?

Through the game, players are able to create and monetize unique in-game items such as characters, weapons, skins, and maps. Expressed as NFTs, this allows for the tracking of ownership and free trade of these elements, and as such create an expansive digital in-game economy within the GensoKishi Metaverse.

Thus, any content players create or acquire belong to them and can be traded with other gamers, leading to a commerce-oriented gaming experience.

Players can also purchase plots of land on which they can build a wide variety of structures, from spaces designed for the battling of monsters to social interaction areas. As the owner, one can monetize this digital property by charging admittance fees to visitors.

Additionally, individuals and teams have the opportunity to earn rewards by completing quests. As mentioned earlier, the GensoKishi Metaverse MV tokens work alongside another cryptocurrency, ROND, to fuel the gaming experience.

  • MV token: The GensoKishi Metaverse Token (MV) is the main governing token of GensoKishi Online and empowers holders to cast their vote on proposed alterations to the game. By purchasing or staking MV tokens, players can not only receive ROND rewards but also be granted privileges such as constructing new in-game worlds, costumes, and other content.
  • ROND: The GensoKishi Metaverse is powered by ROND, the primary in-game cryptocurrency. This currency can be subdivided into miniRONDs to use when making payments or transactions within the game. From going to different worlds and upgrading weapons and costumes, everything requires miniRONDs as payment. 

Additionally, you also have the chance to earn extra miniRONDs by either lending out acquired items to other players or conquering various obstacles set forth for you.

MiniRONDS can then be converted back to ROND and traded on secondary-market exchanges.

GensoKishi Online is built on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain, while the MV and ROND tokens are ERC-20 based. In order to play, players will need to connect a crypto wallet and create an account on the platform. They will then be able to customize their new avatar and begin completing quests.

What is MV?

While ROND acts as the GensoKishi Metaverse in-game currency, the MV token acts as the governance token primarily used outside of the game. The governance token provides users with voting rights on future developments to the platform, while also providing discounts on in-game items such as land, cosplay equipment, monsters, and non-player characters (NCPs). 

The GensoKishi Metaverse platform is currently developing staking capabilities for the MV token, which would allow stakers to earn ROND proportionately to the amount staked and length of time. 

How can I buy the GensoKishi Metaverse token?

Grow your digital currencies portfolio or simply gain access to the game with ease by buying MV tokens through the Tap app. The fully regulated platform offers a simple and reliable crypto trading experience, allowing users to securely buy, sell, trade, and hold a wide range of digital assets including the GensoKishi Metaverse token.

Tap makes it easy for users to purchase their MV tokens, whether using crypto or fiat currency. After you store them securely in your integrated crypto wallet, you’re ready to transfer the tokens over to Genso and start playing.

Buy / sell GensoKishi Metaverse tokens or simply check the price of GensoKishi Metaverse by downloading the app and completing the quick account verification process. 


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