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What is Ankr (ANKR) ?

Let's take a dive into what is Ankr and its token ANKR.

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Ankr is playing an integral role in the adoption of Web3, providing growth and development opportunities for network stakers, app developers, and other participants in the DeFi space. 

Ankr is leading the way in making it easier for users to interact with multiple blockchains. Streamlined and simple, Ankr simplifies complex tasks so that you can access multi-blockchain technologies quickly and securely.

What is Ankr (ANKR)?

Ankr is a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider that facilitates the swift and effortless connection between developers, dapps, stakers, and blockchains. With Ankr's APIs & RPCs you can quickly build blockchain-based applications with confidence, stake on Ankr Earn as well as access custom solutions for any blockchain enterprise needs.

Ankr simplifies the process of setting up and participating in Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains. It provides various tools and services to help users deploy nodes, stake their PoS tokens, and access decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. The Ankr platform was first launched as a Distributed Cloud Computing Network that leverages idle computing resources. This allowed users to access cloud computing services without relying on a single provider's infrastructure.

Ankr provides a variety of features and tools, such as node hosting, staking pools, analytics, and automated notifications. These services work together to make participating in Web3 easier by providing simple solutions. 

The node creation process is supported across multiple blockchains and in return for the services provided, node operators pay a monthly fee to Ankr. 

ANKR is Ankr's native cryptocurrency fueling the platform and is used as a payment method within the ecosystem. 

Who created the Ankr platform?

Ankr was founded in 2017 by Chandler Song, Ryan Fang and Stanley Wu and officially launched in 2019. Song and Fang were former college roommates while Song worked under Wu, a computer engineer at Amazon Web services, while interning. Together the three founders created Ankr, with a mission to build the most decentralized and scalable Web3 infrastructure possible. Song is currently serving as CEO, Fang as COO, and Wu as CTO.

Following several successful rounds of funding, the team has amassed tens of millions of dollars from big blockchain investors such as Pantera Capital and NEO Global Capital (NGC) as well as several funding rounds. The first token presale raised $15.9 million followed by another token sale which raised $18.7 million in just six days. Once opened to the general public, the platform raised a further $2.75 million. 

How does the Ankr Protocol work?

It is important to note that Ankr is not a blockchain. Instead, it provides specialized tools which are beneficial for builders, stakers, and businesses alike. Its main features can be broken down into these four categories below:

Node infrastructure services

With Ankr's decentralized infrastructure, DeFi platforms, NFT projects, blockchain games and dapps of all kind can receive faster access to blockchains at a more scalable and cost-efficient rate. Hosted by numerous high-performing nodes across the world simultaneously serving requests, these applications are guaranteed optimal performance.

However, setting up a blockchain node requires technical know-how, time, and effort, skills not everyone possesses. Ankr provides a service where it can launch one which can be accessed remotely. This provides the opportunity for users of all skill levels to participate in the validation process on a Proof of Stake blockchain. Additionally, the platform overlooks the performance of the node to ensure that users' funds staked are not punished due to any downtime or dishonesty.

Instant API and RCP access for developers

Developers who are launching smart contracts​ and ​dapps to a blockchain are required to use designated APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This process typically involves running a node alongside these and spending time synchronizing it to the data on the blockchain. 

To solve this issue, Ankr provides instant API services and RPC (Remote Procedure Call) access to developers. This allows for uninterrupted access to blockchains without having to worry about vying traffic. It also provides access to the whole chain's data, supplying the dapp with all the information it might require and an overall better user experience. 

Custom Blockchain Enterprise Tools

For enterprises in need of custom-made, streamlined solutions for handling multiple blockchain networks, Ankr provides a Web3 Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. Accessible through an easy-to-use monitoring platform, businesses can utilize the platform's API and RPC services making their operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Liquid staking

Ankr provides staking capabilities across multiple chains, offering reward-earning tokens to represent these staked funds. The tokens can then be used to trade or for various DeFi activities such as lending, yield farming, liquidity mining, etc. This allows users to maximize their earning potential while still engaging in staking activities. 

For example, instead of staking the minimum required amount of 32 ETH on Ethereum 2.0, users can stake 0.5 ETH through the Ankr protocol, with these funds automatically being routed to the pools with the highest yield. In return, users will receive aETHb or aETHc tokens, which provide a liquid way in which users can access their staked tokens. 

What is the ANKR token

ANKR is an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token that operates across both the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain networks. The utility token has a number of functions, as outlined below, and a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000. 

ANKR is primarily a form of payment on the platform but also offers staking functionalities and governance rights. 

How can I buy the Ankr token?

Tap's mobile app makes it effortless for users to acquire ANKR and store it in the integrated wallet with assurance. Not only can you benefit from a convenient place to acquire and store your ANKR token, but also withdraw coins immediately for use on the linked DeFi platform. Tap provides you with not just an easy way to trade digital assets, but also a reliable space where your assets holdings can remain securely stored over extended periods of time.

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