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The pro and cons of crypto banking

Understanding the benefits and challenges of using cryptocurrencies as a banking alternative.

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It was only a matter of time before the crypto craze took over our lives. Some people use it in business transactions, while others are content with investing for long term growth

Crypto technologies are here to stay. The era where crypto was only for a specific circle of people is over and more companies are taking advantage of this steadily growing market.  More large corporations than ever before are willing to develop and invest in the advantageous market of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto-world is blooming with new developments, and it seems that developers in this field can't stop pumping out innovative updates. Skilled developers and talented specialists in this field are making exchanges more accessible with their innovative work, by turning simple tasks into ease of access for users around the globe.

Crypto banking has been the go-to for many people in need of an alternative to conventional banking. With its lack of certain features, it still provides all that is needed with crypto limitations taken care of and more!  Here's a look at some advantages of using this service over fiat currency.

The first thing you'll notice when comparing bank services side by side is how similar they can be despite being different types altogether; one might not work without another if both suit your needs well enough

Crypto banking is a revolutionary new way of doing banking. It has many advantages and disadvantages when compared with regular fiat banking. Let’s explore in more detail and analyse what are the advantage and disadvantages of crypto- banking.

The advantages:

Independent system   

Cryptocurrency, as a whole, is set to be free of reliance on outdated and archaic centralized economies allowing users to manage every aspect of it while giving them full control over its finance. There are no strings attached to trap you into a quagmire of peculiar circumstances.

Low withdrawal fees

Banks are generally charging a fee whenever you withdraw cash from an ATM or the terminal, while crypto banking enables you to withdraw cash for free up to a certain amount.

Withdrawal fees with crypto banking are one of the best features and a major step towards the future, they charge users as low as 0.01% for their transactions no matter how big the amount you try to withdraw is compared to conventional banks.


Crypto banking platforms have created opportunities for people who were previously shut out of traditional financial services. If you've credit score is low, it'll be hard to find a loan that's affordable and most banks don't offer good interest rates on their saving accounts either.

Higher returns rate

Crypto platforms offer high-yield savings accounts with rates that far exceed traditional ones, enabling their users to beat the inflationary effects. They also provide secured loans without a credit check and other financial services for people in need who are not considered eligible elsewhere.

Currency exchange

So, you’re exchanging your currency for another one? Well, that could cost as much as 4% - applied to a large amount that could be as high as 40£ for every 1000£ that you are converting! Crypto banking, on the other hand, provides an opportunity for you to exchange between various cryptos with a commission as low as 0.1% and conduct rapid peer-to-peer transfers that can be, depending on your plan, free of charge.

The cons


Crypto banking is based and operated online. It’s all about convenience with a quick and easy app for your smart device to control any of your operations in real-time. However, they might not be the best option for seniors or customers who are challenged with using these online services as they often need more personal attention than what this system offers them.   

Assets volatility

While cryptocurrencies have gained in popularity over the years, they remain volatile assets. Thankfully you can now use fiat currencies and stable coins with many crypto banking providers in order to eliminate this risk.


In conclusion, crypto banking became an essential part of the global financial transformation happening worldwide. In view of the advancement pace it evolved at, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it prosper in the coming years, and infiltrate every aspect of our everyday life.  


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