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Cryptocurrency adoption is a hot topic within the blockchain industry at the moment. Beyond regulation and government legislation around the ecosystem, the deregulated aspects of the technology, which represents its core ideology, is gaining more traction as the days go by. These are the technologies that provide the easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies.

Now let’s break that down. Without paying too much attention to what the government and regulatory agencies are saying about cryptocurrencies, innovations are springing up that are making it easy for anyone to use cryptocurrencies without complications. It is such developments that can influence the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, not government rules and regulations.

The above statement is not an attempt to discredit the efforts and good works of governments and regulatory agencies. The roles that they are playing is important and could help in addressing some of the issues that relate to the emerging technology.

How Are Cryptocurrencies Traded?

However, the real deal in the industry lies within the ecosystem. This is to say that the rate of adoption depends on instruments that can enable industry participants to express themselves with ease. To achieve this, trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies must be simplified and made as easy as possible.

The most common way to achieve real value with cryptocurrencies today is by using any of the available exchange platforms. To achieve this, traders often have to go through rigorous registration and onboarding processes. Even after registering, the process of executing a trade and extracting usable value involves certain steps that are not always very convenient.

Some trading processes involve multiple steps that take a lot of time to complete, while others could involve relatively huge fees, or multiple fees as the case may be. The above mentioned difficulties are some of the barriers that critics of the technologies have relied on to make negative assumptions on the future of the industry.

The change that has come for cryptocurrency today has redefined the entire process, making it as seamless as possible. In the actual sense of it, the new innovation by tap is providing the easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies and can be implemented with other existing systems without differentiation.

Where Can I Buy Altcoins?

First of all, the tap platform is a one-stop shop for a number of tradable cryptocurrencies. The platform hosts multiple  cryptocurrencies, making it unnecessary for traders to jump from one platform to another in search of particular coins or tokens.

Most cryptocurrency traders operate from single exchanges, limiting themselves to specific conditions like trading fees, even when they are not very favourable. Tap helps traders to overcome this barrier by linking to multiple exchanges at the same time. What happens is that during a trade, our middleware platform scours the major exchanges and finds the most favourable rates and fees combination for the trader. Therefore, by using tap, you are automatically connected to multiple exchanges simultaneously.

Now what else? For a lot of users, this is the ultimate game changer, as far as cryptocurrency adoption is concerned. Apart from being able to trade efficiently with the most competitive exchange rates available, you spend your cryptocurrency directly by using the tap app and tap prepaid Mastercard® . This works like any other  Mastercard and can be used anywhere in the world with a simple conversion on the app before swiping. This is the real definition of VALUE DELIVERY.

Who Can Use Tap?

These services provided by tap makes it extremely useful and suitable for all classes of cryptocurrency users.

  • The beginner, who before now would need to sign up on an exchange, buy Bitcoin with fiat before taking on any other adventure in the crypto world, has been rescued from all the stress. All you need is to sign up on tap and execute all your trades directly from one spot.
  • The experienced trader/investor who will normally jump between exchanges and rotate around BTC and ETH in order to purchase other altcoins has been delivered from the multiple steps and associated charges. Direct trading on tap is the final solution.
  • Finally, international travel has been made easy. There is no more need to worry about international exchange rates, or carrying multiple credit or debit cards. The tap prepaid Mastercard is a universal element that will assist you exchanging value in any currency worldwide. Debit is affected on the holder’s digital wallet as Mastercard settles the transaction in the background in fiat.

The cryptocurrency industry is undergoing significant evolution and the rate of change within the industry is indeed impressive. Solutions that are enabling adoption are on the increase, and this particular innovation by tap is already delivering the easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies.


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