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Tap partners with Sweatcoin

Tap partners with Sweatcoin for a healthier and financially inclusive world

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We are delighted to announce that Tap, your all-in-one assets and payment management platform, and Sweatcoin, the crypto and wellness app, have announced an exciting new partnership aimed at promoting people's financial health and wellbeing. This alliance not only marks the confluence of two innovative industries but is also a testament to the shared values and visions of both companies.

Tap has been at the cutting edge of the fintech industry, offering an all-in-one app for managing crypto assets, fiat on-ramp, and a Mastercard for everyday expenses. Sweatcoin, on the other hand, has been transforming the wellness space by incentivizing physical activity through its unique digital currency. This partnership is not just a sharing of synergies but an embodiment of each company’s commitment to wellness, crypto adoption, and driving the industry forward.

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the reward program. Users of Sweatcoin who join Tap are eligible for rewards of up to $100 in Bitcoin. This is a unique opportunity for users to advance in their journey into the world of cryptocurrencies by simply maintaining they body and finance healthy.

Both companies have a rich history of innovation and social responsibility. Tap cutting-edge financial services are designed to make the transition between fiat and crypto seamless. Sweatcoin has been motivating people to stay active with its digital currency rewards. This partnership is a perfect example of how companies can embody each other’s values and work together towards a common goal.

Tap is making a splash in the fintech sector with its comprehensive app that facilitates crypto management, seamless conversion to fiat currency, and includes a Mastercard for daily transactions. They're deeply committed to empowering individuals to take the reins of their financial destiny. Meanwhile, Sweatcoin has been revolutionizing the wellness space by incentivizing physical activity through its unique digital currency. This alliance is not merely a combination of offerings, but a powerful collaboration that underscores both companies' dedication to all wellness, embracing cryptocurrency, and advancing the industry.

This event signifies not just the collaboration between two industry actors but is also a celebration of the shared vision for a healthier and financially inclusive world.

To hop on board this thrilling rewards train, swing by the rewards section in the Sweatcoin app.


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