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Transform your financial journey with the Tap Card.
Enjoy cashback, borderless spending, robust security, and effortless transactions.

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Express your style with Tap's sleek debit card. With its fine profile, enhanced security features, and intelligent functionality, it's not just a card – it's a statement.

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International Spending

Take your financial journey to the next level with the Tap card. Experience seamless worldwide spending and transactions that feel like a breeze

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Robust security for your money

Stay on top of your money with real-time alerts and fraud checks. Our advanced security features offer you extra peace of mind to manage your money confidently and securely.

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Travel with peace
of mind

Travel the world with ease using the Tap card. Enjoy seamless payments and withdrawals globally, as if you're right at home. No local currency? No problem.  We’ll convert it for you at a cheap rate.

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Secure transactions with enhanced security feature

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the Tap card?

To get the Tap card all you need to do is to register with Tap and get your account verified. Once your account is created and verified you can order your card.

Can I travel worldwide with my card?

Your Tap card can be used worldwide at shops, online or at ATMs anywhere where Mastercard is accepted.

Do you offer virtual Card ?

Yes, we offer both virtual and physical cards.

Can I withdraw money with the Tap card?

Yes, you can withdraw money at ATMs with the Tap card.

How do I activate my Tap card?

Once your physical card has been delivered to you, you can activate your card via your card dashboard in the app, and then proceed with transactions using chip and PIN at any shop or ATM.

Is it a debit or a credit card?

Tap Mastercard card is a prepaid card.