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3 Reasons Why You Need to Use the Tap App

Tap is predominantly an exchange app, which allows you to trade on major crypto exchanges through one click of a button.

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Tap is predominantly an exchange app, which allows you to trade on major crypto exchanges through one click of a button. With only one KYC (Know Your Customer), you can trade any supported cryptocurrency. Tap provides the liquidity, and your trade is completed and fulfilled immediately. Here are 3 of the main functions of the Tap app:

3. The wallet

There are two types of cryptocurrency wallets: a cold wallet is a wallet that enables you to store your crypto offline, while a hot wallet is an online cryptocurrency wallet. The Tap wallet falls into both categories, ensuring your crypto is always secure and accessible.

Any crypto investor familiar with the landscape will know all about the laborious KYC processes that comes with setting up different exchange accounts. Tap enables that to be a thing of the past. Tap users can access any major crypto exchange through the app, allowing you to purchase crypto and then store it directly in the Tap wallet.

The Tap wallet is totally secure, and comes with 2-factor authentication. Many digital assets are supported, so you can rest easy when it comes to keeping your Bitcoin and altcoins safe. The wallet also allows you to instantly exchange various cryptocurrencies that do not traditionally have trading pairs allowing you to exchange cryptocurrencies easier than ever.

2. One app for everything

Using one app for everything crypto-asset related brings several advantages to the investor:

– You can exchange any alternative digital asset (altcoin) without having to transfer the funds from one exchange to another.

– The Tap app scans all major exchanges to find the most cost-effective solution for the cryptocurrency of your choice, instantly, and on your phone.

– All of your crypto assets are kept safe in one place, for you to access and trade any time.

– The Tap app allows you to seamlessly convert your crypto to fiat and send funds directly to a person’s bank account or crypto wallet.

1. Prepaid Card.

Number 1 on the list is the Prepaid Card. The Tap Prepaid Card, available free with the app, can be used anywhere in the world (including ATMs), so you can spend your crypto anywhere, anytime. The Prepaid Card is linked to your account, so the money comes directly from your wallet, using the currency of your choice.

Innovative solutions

While we’ve taken a look at 3 advantages of the Tap app, there are endless more. Who doesn’t want a streamlined crypto trading experience? From the wallet, to the exchange scanning feature to the Prepaid Card, Tap is commited to providing innovative solutions in the modern financial space.

Available on the App store and Google Play Store.


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